Haita Land Chalet

We leave behind the settlements, the people and the asphalt. The landscape becomes richer in beauty, depth, complexity. At the foot of Călimani Mountains we discover a piece of world: a land of the pack, above wonderful Bucovina, of endless hills that carry small haystacks, in a breathtaking landscape, with the most beautiful colors. “We sat here and we couldn’t leave until we were sure we were coming back.” Maybe we didn’t expect to find such a location in this part of the country – different but so well framed in the wilderness and nature through its lines, colors, details: three wooden houses, two built in a minimalist style and one belonging to Muntenia, the place where it all began.


Pridvor, Sihastru and Casa Cuib

We find out that on the foundation of the old house, the idea of ​​the oasis from Gura Haitii was born. Instead of the old house, The Nest House stands today, with traditional lines and details, beautifully mixed with current accents. We chose “Pridvor House”, a real modern chalet, made of wood, minimalist, with the most beautiful view of the mountains, from the generous terrace that is a place to relax, a setting for telling stories in the evening and a place to have lunch, in the most spectacular landscape of this part of the country. Above, secluded among the trees, we find ”Sihastru House”, built as an observation point, but also as a small hidden oasis for guests, with enough space for rest, relaxation and privacy. We spent our days away from the world, in the packland, in a charming light all day long, at the wide windows of the wooden cottage or on the terrace, admiring in silence the whole wilderness, reading, cooking in our own kitchen, captivated by the beautiful sky seen at night.

Only breakfast can be served here, in the enchanting landscape. It is prepared on request by the “network of housewives” of the village, with what they have best in the households: zacuscă, eggplant salad, fresh cheese, vegetables and jams.


In Gura Haitii, time does not seem to be as fast as in the rest of the world. And it can be, indeed, the perfect corner of the country, of nature, for finding peace, for a slow pace, for reconnection. Adventure and mountain lovers have the option to organize hikes in the area, but we recommend at least a healthy day off, on the terrace, at the top of Bucovina. The fresh air, the trees, the birds, the energy of the place, the peaceful and at the same time wild sound of nature have so much to offer.

On our way through the area we reached Bio Valeputna, a beautiful guesthouse that has developed a true tradition of smoked trout. The specific recipe is unique due to the sawdust mix composed of beech wood, fir cones and juniper berries, the flavors ennobling the trout. Also here is the first trout farm in Romania, established in 1896. In the same area you can choose the hikes to the Secular Forests from Giumalău Mountains, to Rarău or Mestecăniș, on foot or by bicycle.

We are happy to live different experiences in our journey. To understand how the modern can be so friendly with the authentic, mixed just in the right way, without being altered. On the contrary. The earth and the old architectural details remind us that our roots are here, that they will remain so; the minimalism as a lifestyle telling us that we do not need too much, that we can always spread our wings to new experiences, future, change.

  • the terrace
  • the modern houses
  • the silence
  • mornings on the terrace
  • the breathtaking landscape
  • the possibility to prepare your own meals
  • Bucovina, which became the Duchy of Bucovina in the Austrian Empire, acquired a distinct identity from Moldova after the area was annexed by the Habsburg Monarchy in 1774;
  • The name Bucovina comes from the Slavic word buk, meaning beech and from the Slavic suffixes –ov and –ina, the term translating as Beech Country;
  • Bucovina is one of the most appreciated areas of Romania, impressing with its history, geography and touristic opportunities, but also with monuments, churches and architecture, included in UNESCO World Heritage;
  • At Haita Land it is good to come prepared with an off-road car, because the access is made on a mountain road, difficult especially during the cold or rainy season;
  • Also at Haita Land it is good to know that you do not have GSM signal, only Wifi.


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