La Saivan Bio Retreat and Farm

Coming back home

Have you ever dreamed about a place? Have you ever imagined your ideal piece of heaven, like a green distant oasis? Have you thought about its landscapes, shapes, air, trees and flowers or its sky? Well, the place of your dreams really exists. If you imagine it as a natural corner, high on a hill, surrounded by the mountains, facing a breathtaking view and feeling just like home, than this is your dream place too.

We felt it while reaching La Saivan, on a mountain road, that type of road that usually brings you to something surreal. The air that fills your lungs and soul, the most beautiful nature of May, the fragile wildflowers, every cloud and every stone telling a story.La Saivan Bio Retreat & Farm brought us back to childhood, to our grandparents and to all the wild hills that we used to run on and love. Born from the desire to get closer to the roots, to values and nature, the beautiful location with three old traditional guesthouses is the perfect place for wandering: animals are living free and all together on the beautiful hills, the food is natural, the fresh air heals everything, life is simple but complete.

Situated in Vama, Suceava County, in amazing Bucovina, between Gura Humorului and Câmpulung Moldovenesc, one of the most beautiful parts of Romania to us, La Saivan Bio Retreat & Farm has also a sheepfold, where the best fresh cheese is made. And as back in time all the things had a perfect connection and order, the word saivan is an old Romanian word meaning “winter shelter for sheep”. Perfect connection.

What to do

At La Saivan everything has a story. From people, to every object, house or detail. Every piece of furniture or object is original and comes from a special place and time, being carefully collected from all over Romania. The three houses dating from 1900 had been replaced here, on top of one of the most beautiful hills around, as they have the perfect view above the valley. The beautiful and young owners had to rebuild wood by wood and to find a purpose for every object, recreating from the green grass La Saivan. The houses are next to a real farm, where sheep, cows, goats, rabbits, horses, chickens, dogs and cats are raised together in a beautiful childhood story.

So stay here, on the hill. Drink your morning coffee on the old verandah of the house and just breathe. Than take a look on how the fresh milk and cheese are prepared in the sheepfold and tell stories with Vistic, the one in charge with keeping traditions and local customs alive here. Also smiling all the time, saying ”This is life, we need to live it as it is”; what a beautiful reminder.

Than enter the big barn where you can see all the animals living together just like in Animal Farm. Run on the hills, explore all the beauties around, look for the purple and yellow wildflowers, drink mountain water from the little streams you can find in the area, taste the wild berries hidden between the leafs and if you are lucky enough, prepare yourself to an encounter with deer, stags, foxes and wild rabbits. And don’t forget to listen to the birds.

What to eat

The food at La Saivan is one of the best we had in a traditional guesthouse. The local influences and the dishes will conquer your heart and taste and no matter what type of diet you have, be sure that you will taste everything. 🙂

The menu is fixed but you really have here all that you need. In charge with the feast is Chef Lili, an amazing woman with an amazing story too, who is cooking and preparing all the meals using traditional recipes and natural ingredients made here, inside the bio farm. We loved everything, starting with the traditional soups, the amazing talmoș balmoș made with polenta and cheese from the sheepfold, the homemade bread, the traditional cozonac and cheese pies and of course, papanași for desert, the best we ever had. Just try everything, the fresh air and the long hiking walks will open so much your appetite, making you realize again the value and beauty of good traditional food.

Where to go

From La Saivan you can start hiking around the hills and enjoy all the natural beauties, choosing between short or long trails, as you have all the options here and they will let you know everything you need. If you decide to see this beautiful area in detail, we highly recommend to visit the old famous monasteries from Bucovina, some of them part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beauty and history they have will take your breath away. We made a short tour and we saw the beautiful blue Voroneț, the old Arbore Monastery, Humorului Monastery, Sucevița and Moldovița Monasteries.

We found ourselves so peaceful and joyful in the same time in this dream place that we had the chance to discover. La Saivan Bio Retreat & Farm is for sure what Romania needs in terms of tourism, traditional premium travel, values, people and life. A place in the top of one hill, where every detail is just perfect, where you have everything but still, you don’t really need anything. Just being, breathing, seeing the beauty.

La Saivan is a story about coming back home and wishing to build something in order to preserve, protect and cherish the tradition, the local spirit and the real people. It was for us the perfect silent oasis full of joy that made us believe we will come back here all the time, as one must always find the way back home.

La Saivan: when you have the best part of everything: the place, the view, the air, the feelings, the people.La Saivan Bio Retreat & Spa, Prisaca Dornei, Vama, Suceava County

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  • the view on the verandah and the open sky
  • the traditional food
  • the real people
  • drinking palinca with Vistic
  • eating fresh cheese
  • watching the wild animals coming around
  • Vama is located in the north of Suceava County, in the mountain area, at an altitude of 600-800m;
  • The forests represent 70% of the village’s surface, a percentage that is among the regions with the largest forest areas in the country;
  • In 2009 Vama village celebrated 600 years of documentary attestation;
  • The impressive number of old monasteries in Bucovina, with interesting interior and exterior frescoes, has been preserved since medieval times; Due to their uniqueness and artistic value, they were added to the UNESCO List of International Cultural Heritage in 1993;
  • In most cases, the churches were founded as a place for noble families, for burial.


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