Limanul Resort

The harmony in wildness

Wild but still relaxing. Basic but having everything you need. Peaceful but full of color, life, breeze and sun. This is how we found Limanul Resort, a beautiful oasis placed in one of the most beautiful and wildest places of Europe: The Danube Delta.

As for us The Danube Delta is and has always been an endless source of beauty, biodiversity and inspiration, we find ourselves extremely happy every time we discover special places where we can really feel the spirit and taste of this land.

Limanul Resort is located in the northern part of the Danube Delta, in Chilia Veche, the oldest and largest human settlement in the Delta.  As soon as you enter its gate and leave behind the normal modern road, you go inside a completely different world than what exists outside. A white and blue little piece of paradise.The place is accessible both on water and on land, due to its location near Roscova Buhaia Natural Reservation – where lives the most important colony of wild pelicans in Europe – and Letea Forest – area with wild horse herds running freely, among the last on the entire continent.

We arrived by car, getting a water transfer from Tulcea Port to Tudor Vladimirescu , but we do not recommend it as the best option, because the road to Chilia Veche is not modernized. So leaving Tulcea Port by boat and than 60 km to the Port of Chilia might be the right way to go.

Limanul Resort offers 12 beautiful double rooms, each one designed differently but very close to the wild spirit of the Delta. Back in the days on the property there was a house. Preserving some parts of the old house such as the old doors, windows or other elements, they reintegrated them in the new construction, which we found amazing. We had some very old original doors above our bed, as a frame, offering such a nice and authentic personality to the entire place.

What to do

Being in this amazing wild reservation there is no chance of saying what to do here. Besides enjoying the little nice resort, a drink by the pool or just sitting on your personal large wooden terrace, admiring all the beauty surrounding you, venturing into the wild Delta is the thing to do.

So take a speedboat and let yourself guided by Lică, the trustful man and guide of Limanul Resort inside the Danube Delta. He knows every channel, lake and water and all the species of amazing birds.

Let yourself be gone with the gentle wind, live every moment, observe each wonder of nature, get lost into the special green of Delta, surrounded by pelicans, egrets, cormorants, swans, seagulls, wild horses, water lilies, reed and many other unique wonders.

Where to go

Besides wandering on the beautiful lakes and channels you can also see Letea Forest, a unique place, around 5 hours by boat from Limanul Resort. See here trees older than 500 years, Mediterranean plants surrounded by sand dunes, a true paradise for countless turtles, lizards and wild horses.

Then there is Rosca – Buhaiova Natural Reservation, composed of lakes and ponds, swamps and islands between Letea and Chilia, a protected area that hosts the largest colony of pelicans in Europe and other unique wild species such as otter, mink, ermine, egret, white lotus or yellow water lily. The Danube Delta is home to the largest number of bird colonies on the continent. Over 300 species, some coming from distant places such as China and Africa.

Right next to to Limanul Resort find the church of Chilia Veche, the second largest in Romania after the Black Church in Brașov, dating from 1854. It was used as a military observatory during the Second World War. Discover also Biserica Lipovenească, a very old church with valuable religious objects. And 5 km away from Chilia Veche see Sfântul Atanasie Monastery (Stipoc Monastery), surrounded by flowers and built entirely of wood, like the monasteries of Moldova.

What to eat

Fresh fish all the way. Starting with breakfast you can have many fish specialties and appetizers, fresh fish cooked in all the ways possible, than the fish soup which we really liked. So every dish comes exactly from the Danube, as there is no place like this one for the fish lovers. If you are not a fan, they can offer you alternatives even if the menu is fixed. We really appreciated the good taste and skill also regarding the food at Limanul Resort. They often organize complete culinary events, having as guest famous Romanian chefs who accept the challenge of cooking and reinterpreting the local food into something new.

As we entered this place and found a completely different world than anything we left behind, this feeling stayed with us all along our days at Limanul. A place with stories, beautiful people as hosts and life givers, color and local spirit that somehow never dies, when it is received and taken care of by people with vision and grace.

After the adventure on the waters of Danube Delta, after seeing so much beauty, diversity and changing landscapes, we finally enjoyed some good local white wine near the pool, than on our perfect terrace, watching the night so beautifully embracing the place, with little lights, candles and smiles all around. It gave us, again, that hope that we embrace every time we find a similar place. Beautiful people creating amazing experiences, sometimes just for passion, love, commitment and something more.

Limanul Resort was more than the wild part; it was the harmony inside the wildness and the comfortable feeling of being like home on some stranger lands, unseen before.Limanul Resort, Strada Dunării 97, Chilia Veche, Tulcea County

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  • the wooden terrace of each room
  • the intimacy
  • the design of the resort
  • first floor room view
  • the honesty bar idea
  • the memory board
  • With over 3540 kilometers of rivers, canals, swamps, lakes surrounded by trees and reed islands, the Danube Delta is home to the largest number of bird colonies on the continent;
  • The Danube Delta was formed five thousand years ago, in a gulf of the Black Sea. Today, the Delta includes many endangered and protected plants and animals, as well as 25 different types of ecosystems;
  • The Romanian Delta is the best preserved in Europe;
  • Once a Greek settlement named Achillea, which made many people believe this is the place where the body of the famous Greek hero Achilles rests, the village of Chilia Veche gave its name to the Chilia branch of the Danube;
  • At the Black Sea the Danube River divides into a network of canals that connect Chilia, Sulina and Sfântul Gheorghe, each with its personality, landscapes and attractions.


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