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Do you miss Brașov?

We have always loved Brașov city in a special way. Maybe for the wonderful landscape of the mountains that watches over it, the people, its air, the streets, for the clarity through which you see things here or simply, because it is close to us: to us and to our home.

Despite the fact that it is a city that is becoming more and more crowded, our attempt remains to find oases. Oases of peace in a city constantly being modernised, places of soul, discreet, hidden among narrow streets, just good to shelter some thoughts inside.If at the base of Apuseni Mountains or in the Saxon villages in Transylvania escape is possible, in the big cities peace has become a real challenge. But do not despair, we found a place for our taste, somehow hidden by the hustle and bustle of modern life, among the trees and birds that sing wonderfully in the morning, at the window.

Mer Guest House conquered us, “fooling” us in a beautiful way by the fact that it is in the city, but you would not necessarily believe this when you cross its threshold and especially in the cool mornings, hidden somewhere, on Nisipului de Sus Street.

Mer is actually a chic and modern villa, which brings to mind the concept of chalet, seen from the outside. But it is a construction adapted to modern and current life, for guests who want to see Brașov, are in the city in the interest of work or for those who simply want to retire somewhere for a while. Beyond the modern look and the clear lines of the construction, elements such as wood, large windows, warm light, details give you the feeling of home.

What to do and where to go

Beyond the gate of the house we found a bright green corner; a large tree in which squirrels and birds find their nest, an entire flowering valley that starts from the base of the terrace at Mer. Time spent outside, on the terrace, a good book, withdrawal, at least for a few moments, from city life.

Otherwise, just 15 minutes walk, Brașov invites you to discover it, rediscover, especially if you missed it. So Piața Sfatului, Casa Negustorilor, the Black Church, Sforii Street, the First Romanian School or in the area Prejmer and Viscri Saxon villages, Rașnov Citadel, Rupea Medieval Citadel are among the most beautiful and important places worth seeing in this part of the country that abounds in touristic attractions, experiences and special places.

What to eat

Mer Guest House offers only breakfast, operating under the principle of bed & breakfast. But the breakfast looks very good and your coffee is prepared carefully and with a smile on his face by the owner of the beautiful villa. Then eating on the terrace in the morning, in the fresh air and listening to the birds and squirrels walking through the trees, is a comforting and wonderful exercise.

Dinner was served in a discreet place in the city, called Poarta Schei 4 Restaurant, which somehow reminded us, in these times when travel abroad has become almost impossible, of small family restaurants in Italy or France. The menu is carefully chosen, the dishes are delicious and fine and the art and wine blend perfectly under the Black Church.

Mer Guest House came like a breath of fresh air, in a beautiful city but which is getting more and more loaded, as all the big and touristic cities become in the end. The fact that we were able to spend some time in a discreet, carefully built oasis, a modern space and at the same time adapted to those who want the comfortable feeling of home, made us happy and convinced to choose Mer every time we miss the dear city from the center of Romania.Mer Guest House 15, Nisipului de Sus Street, Brașov, Brașov County

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  • breakfast on the terrace
  • the design of the villa
  • the silence
  • deer that come to eat in the morning
  • to be in the city and at the same time outside
  • the terrace overlooking the forest
  • 1203 is considered the year in which the construction of Brașov began, even if there are documents that do not confirm this date;
  • In 1477 the Black Church was completed but due to lack of funds, the second tower of the church was never built;
  • In 1546 the first paper mill in south-eastern Europe was established in Brașov;
  • In 1583 the first Romanian language courses were held in Brașov, at the First Romanian School;
  • The architecture in Brașov is specific, each house having something picturesque; The construction of the buildings was done according to clear urban principles, imposed by the geographical conditions; For example, the houses in the citadel support each other, while those in the outer neighbourhoods are more scattered.


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