Mesendorf Gasthaus

The green yard of home

We discovered the perfect green yard at Meșendorf. An open natural space, surrounded by beautiful authentic Transylvanian guesthouses, the oldest dating from the 1700s. As soon as we enter the big old door of the property, we discover such an amazing scenery: part of the past but still actual, seeming painted but still real, quiet but so full of life.

”Between Brașov and Sighișoara, hidden behind an old Saxon door, lies the Meșendorf Gasthaus, an inviting escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the day-to-day routine.”Meșendorf Gasthaus is for us a green peaceful oasis, in a village that seems like sleeping all the time. No need for noise or busy life here. Four happy playful dogs welcoming us all the time, that are not leaving until we give them the daily portion of love.

The property has been restored, preserving the Saxon way of life, with large guesthouses, tall wooden ceilings and annexes.

The first house, built in 1919, has a beautiful space for accommodation with four comfortable and very clean rooms. We chose the big apartment, with crafted furniture, traditional items and a sauna inside the bathroom, which we found really nice.

The second guesthouse has the same beauty, cleanness and simplicity that describe these perfect guesthouses of Meșendorf. Here we found 3 accommodation spaces, decorated with local crafted materials, having a very nice, simple design that makes you feel comfortable.

The oldest house has been restored to its most beautiful and original details: amazing old wooden beams and also the original floor, keeping the beauty and the simplicity of such distant times. Each room has a little stove, wooden windows and traditional old furniture and decorations, adding beauty and value to Meșendorf Gasthaus.

What to do

For sure for us the best thing to do here is enjoying the green yard placed in the middle of the guesthouses and also the beautiful wild lands behind the restaurant & barn.

The magical barn is now hosting the dining room. Besides the delicious Transylvanian food, admire the beautiful wooden structure and beams and also the fireplace that will simply transform every afternoon into a special, distant fairytale.

Have a drink in the green yard in front of the cozy guesthouses, read something, see the perfection of all the simple details that this property has to offer, with wood pieces everywhere.

Behind the barn there is a beautiful orchard, next to the hills and forests ready to be explored. Relax in the wooden swing or just admire the most beautiful sunsets that we saw in a Transylvanian village: purple, pink, blue and orange, all together.

What to eat

Prepare yourself for the amazing, simple but delicious Transylvanian food of all kinds of tastes and flavours. The Romanian, Saxon and Hungarian influences create a spectacular feast. We also had delicious vegetarian options, amazing gulyás and the best nut cake. The menu is fixed but we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with everything.

Where to go

Find time to visit beautiful and quiet Meșendorf, an old village with a large main road and very old houses. Another favorite location that we have is Meșendorf Cheese, a very nice gastronomic point where you can find with an advance reservation great local food and the best matured cheese, made from local milk, using Swiss techniques.

Then just explore the beauties of the Transylvanian landscapes, the flora and fauna, taking nature walks, hiking through the hills, bird and wild animals watching or star gazing.

We also highly recommend you to visit the Fortified Churches of Transylvania in the area, dating from the 13th and the 16th centuries, more than 150 well preserved. Visit the Fortified Church from Meșendorf first, 150 m away from the guesthouses. Seven of the churches, including their villages, are part of UNESCO World Heritage Site: Saschiz Fortified Church (20 min away from Meșendorf), Viscri Fortified Church (30 min), Darjiu Fortified Church (1h), Biertan Fortified Church (1h) and the Historical Centre of Sighisoara, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site (35 min away from Meșendorf).

Also for cycling lovers there is a network of 100 km of bike trails built over the hills, linking 8 traditional villages (Viscri, Buneşti, Criț, Meşendorf, Cloaşterf, Saschiz, Archita & Daia) with Sighișoara city.

For sure this place has in a magical way something for everyone, even if you might say at the beginning that it is indeed a location for the ones looking for peace and nature. The love, passion, interest and respect showed in dedicating an important part of life for recreating, restoring and offering new lives to old houses, pieces of land and objects, are the proof that the Transylvanian old village is more than saved and back to life: it is desired from the heart.

No matter what you are looking for as a traveler, we recommend to see Meșendorf Gasthaus with your eyes wide open and your heart still. You will find out a story about never losing sight of the good old times.Meșendorf Gasthaus, Strada Principală 48-49, Meșendorf, Brașov County

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  • the terrace of the Old House in the morning
  • the green open yard
  • the wooden details everywhere
  • the playful dogs
  • the fireplaces
  • the quiet mornings
  • The first written evidence of the existence of Meșendorf appeared in 1322;
  • In the village there is a Fortified Church dating from the 14th century, declared a historical monument;
  • The Fortified Church began to be built in the 14th century in Romanesque style, and later to be restored in Gothic style;
  • Transylvania currently has one of the highest number of fortified churches dating back from the 13th and the 16th centuries;
  • Meșendorf is rich in traditions and offers the guests many opportunities to explore life lived according to old customs and to the laws and rhythms of nature: horse-drawn cart trips, visits to the sheepfold, truffle hunt.


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