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At Porumbacu Treehouse you have an experience close to your nature. You are alone with the world within you. And if you want peace, detachment, simple food and a village to wander, then Porumbacu de Sus can be your ideal host.At number 295 in Porumbacu de Sus, a village in Sibiu county, two tree houses are hidden in a small forest located right in the village, each offering a different experience. Near them, a beautiful garden, with fruits and vegetables, behind which flows smoothly or swirling, depending on the season, the Porumbacu River.

Further on, walking the paths of the small forest that looks like an oasis inside the village, we discover two suspended wooden houses, built in trees, among branches. They impress us instantly, looking very good in every season, the beautiful wood matching any time of nature. In our journey this time the whole village is frozen, a silver frost giving a magical shape to every tree, roof and every spider’s web built carefully at the windows. Peace while returning to childhood when we all dreamed about having a tree house in which to get lost whenever we felt the need. The longing for pause, wandering and getting out of time accompanies us, however, as adults.

What to do

The two fairytale houses give you a complete experience. We chose A house, the one built in the shape of A, in which we spent our magical days, by our own, by the fire of the small stove inside, looking enchanted at the winter frozen in silver outside, on the terrace. Also a welcoming living room, warm details, colors, and a small equipped kitchen where you can prepare your own food. Lots of wood, warm lights, a lot of feeling. Furthermore, our favorite remains the resting place, the bedroom upstairs, with the wonderful image of the trees that change their appearance together with us. We lie down in the simple bed, looking at the window walls, thinking about everything non-essential we lose and everything we receive when we get out of the rhythm of the life we ​​know. A story.

So rest, brethe the fresh air, have small walks through the oasis of Porumbacu, tell stories with the family host, so generous, beautiful and careful. On the same property there is also a guesthouse arranged in an old barn from the 19th century, with two apartments, a kitchen, a dining area, a resting one and a terrace with panoramic views of Făgăraș Mountains.

Where to go

Porumbacu de Sus village was first mentioned in 1223, when it appears in a donation paper at the monastery from Cârța. It is located at the foot of the Negoiu, the second highest peak in the country. So you can follow the route to the cottage and peak of Negoiu, which starts from Porumbacu de Sus. Negoiu cottage is located on Șerbotei Peak, in the upper part of a coniferous forest, located at an altitude of 1540 m.

Close to the guesthouses is Valea Zânelor Clay Castle, 2 km away from the village.

At the same time you can discover the Heroes’ Cemetery, located at 1.5 km from the village, built at the end of the First World War, in memory of the heroes of the battle of September 30, 1916.

In Avrig, 10 km from Porumbacu, you will also find the Baroque Palace and Brukenthal Park, the former summer residence of Samuel von Brukenthal.

Porumbacu Treehouse was for us a travel out of time and rhythm, a break that we somehow missed. We find our thoughts, essential needs and longings in such places. We appreciate their simplicity, experience, vision, story.

If you are looking for a space to be your home, to escape and why not, to go on an adventure for a few days, or who knows, weeks – the tree wooden houses in Porumbacu will be ideal. Discover more about Porumbacu Treehouse and also about living a journey among trees, stories and dreams.Porumbacu Treehouse

Main Street 295, Porumbacu de Sus Village, Sibiu County

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  • the suspended bedroom
  • coffee in the morning, on the terrace
  • the A house
  • the small stove in the wooden house
  • the silence here
  • the beauty of each season seen from the treehouse
  • The most important customs specific to Porumbacu de Sus are those developed at winter solstice: caroling on Christmas night, organizing games and partying for the village youth, initiating boys and girls in dancing, various archaic rites and ceremonies;
  • The Romanian Heroes Cemetery from the First World War is located at the border of the village, 1.5 km from the locality; It was arranged in the ’20s and it has an area of ​​2,400 square meters, where there are 72 individual graves and a big grave for 500 heroes;
  • Buffalo milk is specific to this area, with many animals being raised and cared for in the village; Every afternoon in the village you can watch the buffaloes returning from the pasture to the caretakers’ houses;
  • At Porumbacu Treehouse you can also request meals: simple food, specific to the area, but good, always accompanied by brandy and sour cherries liqueurs;
  • Visit or accommodate for a few days at Oberwood, La Victorel and La Moșu guesthouses in the same village.


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