Raven s Nest

Stay on the path

Imagine a green oasis, surrounded by high mountains, wild valleys, covered above by an infinite blue sky. We arrived at Raven’s Nest, for sure one of our favorite locations, literally the home of ravens and eagles. Here, in Sub Piatra village, in Alba county and beautiful Transylvania, the young owners found, at the beginning of their story, an ensemble of barns, sheds, and stables that locals would use for grazing and hay-making from mid-spring to mid-autumn. Some of them were replaced and one was refurbished to its original appearance. The heaven called Raven’s Nest can accommodate up to 26 guests in 11 rooms, into three refurbished houses: the Sunrise House, the Median House, the Sunset House.

Wooden structures, old rural houses and sheds coming from the 19th century

Here everything is made of wooden structures, old rural houses and sheds, the oldest building coming from the 19th century.Discover symbols of the Romanian folklore everywhere you go inside this place, beautifully painted elements, vintage objects, old furniture and wooden carpets. Also a magical element all over the place, on the terraces and outside, along the beautiful green alleys: the dreamcatcher, maybe here symbolising dreams coming true, being for sure one of the owner’s passions.

What to do

Stay on the path, a little reminder to stay present

Raven’s Nest is the place of complete peace and connection with nature, in the deepest sense. As you will discover the beautiful alleys surrounding the old houses, you will see all along the way written Stay on the path, a little reminder to stay present, to connect to everything around you, to keep going and breathe the nature.

The most beautiful feeling you can have at Raven’s Nest is at the top. This means the panoramic deck, a place like magic, where you clearly see all the beauty that the Transylvanian landscapes, mountains & nature can offer. If you are a morning person, come here and check the areas closely, you will see deer, foxes and maybe bears. All blue and green, a sense of tranquility and peace, painted sceneries, infinity. It is indeed breathtaking.

Close to this wonder there is also a sauna and a cliff top Jacuzzi that is perfect for a sunset watch and a glass of champagne. And more than this: watch movies in the outdoor cinema, on some giant pillows, inside the forest.

What to eat

Raven’s Nest can be proud of their honest food, organic kitchen, based on local and healthy ingredients. ”We use recipes collected by Radu Anton Roman, a well-known Romanian personality who spent years researching and talking to locals who still use their gardens for food supplies, instead of the supermarkets”, they say.

The restaurant & bar is a refurbished building, looking like an octagon, made of old traditional Transylvanian houses from the 1800s, that look like magic, symbolising in a beautiful way the link between Earth (square) and the Cosmos (circle). Anyway, a lunch is mandatory to be followed by a Traditional Mojito on the porch.

Where to go

For those who want to explore, the options here are hiking or taking a mountain bike for a ride. If you want to check destinations by car, there are many options of Transylvanian beautiful landmarks to be explored: Cave Huda of Papară, Vânătările Ponorului Waterfall, Cheia Ghost Village, Piatra Secuiului.

A model of eco friendly tourism that delivers a complete experience

”We want our guests to know that our heritage – architecture, gastronomy, history, natural sites, and landscapes – is valuable and deserves to be promoted in a different, more appealing perspective. We believe we can contribute to this change that we hope others will follow as well, by drawing a model of eco-friendly tourism, that delivers a complete experience.” – Raven’s NestRelaxing, breathing the nature’s beauty, hitting the hiking trails, jumping into the hot tub, seeing amazing sunsets… it is all here, in one place that we found fascinating because of the way it simply mixes the taste of adventure with the serenity of peace and stillness. Feeling we never felt anywhere else before.Raven’s Nest:

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  • the most beautiful view of the mountains
  • Follow the path reminder
  • the dreamcatchers
  • everything…
  • contemplating on the deck
  • the traditional mojito
  • The owners of Raven’s Nest are young, dreaming before about a place like this for them and for all the mountains lovers and travelers; During the cold season the location is closed as they move to warmer places around the world and travel;
  • It took many years and the help of craftsmen, artists, builders and friends to create this amazing project;
  • The walls are made of a mixture of limestone and hemp, following an old technique that has a sanitary effect on the air inside the houses;
  • Some pieces of furniture were collected from locals and most of the woven fabrics come from Săpânța, Maramureș;
  • Regarding food, they pick up ingredients from local farmers and artisans, trying their best to promote and preserve Romania’s culinary heritage.


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