Sweet Valley

The childhood stories, brought to present

A little green paradise. An idyllic setting, detached from childhood and its stories. A more vivid and colorful nature here than anywhere else. A clear sky. And at your feet, a river that flows continuously and tells stories. That’s how we discovered Sweet Valley, a guesthouse imagined, rebuilt and cared for like in a dream. A real oasis, as we seek and manage to find at every step, on the Romanian Romance journey. A place that discreetly takes you out of your space and time, that travels with you to so many different worlds.

We discovered Sweet Valley in beautiful Sinaia, close to our house, but finding the place completely different this time. Here, in 2019, a family of doctors decided to restore an old, traditional house of the area, transforming it from a mountain cottage into a guesthouse. The old building came to life in 1951 and we find out that it still has the original beams, brought from Maramureș. The outside lamps, over 70 years old, the solid oak door and the fireplace are also original.

Sweet Valley: wood, vivid colors, carved and fringed details, traditional Wallachian motifs, all combined with the current, modern and useful life

This was the first meeting, outside, with the little house from Muntenia. But we get inside and from here, the stories are even more beautiful. A colorful interior full of symbols, rustically decorated and just as idyllic. Wood, vivid colors, carved and fringed details, traditional Wallachian motifs, all combined with the current, modern, useful life. The idyllic and colorful house in Sinaia is fully equipped, being the dream place for a complete retreat into another universe. The recommended capacity is 6 people, the maximum is 10. And the attic imagined as original and playful would surely conquer the little ones.


So the whole Sweet Valley property is yours. Intimacy, good air and barefoot steps in the perfect grass. There is a place for drinking coffee inside the garden and behind the house a table with benches and a few garden chairs. A wood-burning fireplace in the living room and a rustic stove in the dining area. Wherever you choose to spend your time, you will live an experience. Simple, authentic, but wonderful and comforting.

Freshness, childhood, a green oasis, small details borrowed from stories in which houses are built of gingerbread

We recharged our batteries for a long time, we rested by the warmth of the fireplace, we cooked with pleasure in our own rustic kitchen, we talked on the little porch outside and in the nature that surrounds Sweet Valley. We thought about how suitable is the name of the guesthouse, the place inspiring this very thing: freshness, childhood, a green oasis, with small details borrowed from the stories in which the houses are built of gingerbread.


Sinaia, in its beauty and still-living history, is on the short list of our dear places, admiring more and more its recent development. A real mountain resort, which is developing beautifully and which looks better and better. You will definitely find something to do and discover here. You can start, obviously, with the famous PeleȘ Castle, the symbol of the whole area and of the Royal Family. Also here, during the winter, the largest ski domain in the country and in the area, Cantacuzino Castle in Bușteni, Ialomicioara Cave or even Dino Park in Râșnov, for the little ones.

Sweet Valley does not provide food, but as we said, the fully equipped kitchen is the perfect setting to prepare everything you want on your own. We always enjoy such experiences, in which we stock up on everything we need and cook together. Otherwise, for a lunch or dinner in the city, we recommend Bistro La Teleferic and Forest restaurants, where we always felt good.

Sweet Valley: the breakfast served slowly in the kitchen table, the open window in the morning, the sound of the stream we hear from our own bedding

Quiet, serene, beautiful, colorful and so good at Sweet Valley Sinaia. Days magically detached from childhood, when everything was as light as the breakfast served slowly at the kitchen table, like the window open in the morning sun, like the sound of the stream we hear from our own bedding. Charm and story. At the same time, a new landmark of traditional architecture, a house in authentic Wallachian style, a real mountain cottage outside, a new story, which recreates the old nice charm of the city of Sinaia.Sweet Valley Sinaia, Mihail Kogălniceanu 7A Street, Sinaia, Prahova County

  • the architecture and design of the house
  • the cheerful details
  • the small and green courtyard
  • the rooms with fireplace and stove
  • the location close to the forest
  • the morning air
  • The Sweet Valley old house was built in 1951 by a family from Sinaia, who built it together with a team of craftsmen from Maramureș; The original beams were purchased in the late 1940s by Sinaia’s chief construction engineer;
  • The city of Sinaia was chosen as the royal residence by King Carol I who built Peleș Castle here;
  • Peleș Castle was built between 1873 and 1914, as the summer residence of the Royal Family;
  • The castle is one of the most important historical buildings in Romania, having an unique character and is, by its historical and artistic value, one of the most important monuments of this kind in nineteenth-century Europe;
  • The castle was built according to the plans of the architects Johannes Schultz, Carol Benesch and Karel Liman and was decorated by the famous decorators J. D. Heymann from Hamburg, August Bembé from Mainz and Bernhard Ludwig from Vienna.


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