Valea Verde Retreat

Falling in love with Transylvania

We discovered Valea Verde many years ago, exactly as its name is saying – The Green Valley – a wide, beautiful, fresh, green oasis. Besides the wonderful domain and the things we found here, the story of the place happened to be our favorite part. Valea Verde is actually a love story, between two persons and also a beautiful one about Romania. Imagine Ulrike and Jonas Schäfer visiting little Cund, in Transylvania (Mureș county) and falling in love with these lands.

Developing sensitive rural tourism

”Since 2005 the couple dedicated themselves to developing sensitive rural tourism. They found in Cund beautiful nature, rich & diverse culture, relaxation & rejuvenation and a strong sense of community.” Cund village has a lot to offer as the owners discovered back then: ”historical inheritance, a village community unaware of how much it had to offer, traditions, crafts and local knowledge. ”

The Transylvanian albergo diffuso

Valea Verde Retreat is imagined and organised today as the Italian “albergo diffuso” or “scattered hotel”, idea which brings to life the history and traditions, in a sustainable form of eco-tourism. Valea Verde includes many restored Saxon houses, redesigned in a very basic and traditional sense. For accommodation you have many options: the apartments, with en-suite bathrooms and traditional wood-burning stoves. Four of them are close to the restaurant, the main area of Valea Verde where you can also find the reception. The yard ones are in the village, perfect for families or friends. Each apartment has a different touch and style, still keeping the appearance close to traditional.

What to do

Reading in the hammocks. Truffle hunting. Horseback riding and observing the wildlife

We enjoyed reading and drinking a glass of wine in the big green garden around the property, laying in the hammocks. Then, truffle hunting in the forest & hiking on the hills. Horseback riding is an option for the adventurous ones and of course, biking and observing the wildlife. Valea Verde has also a swimming lake, a perfect spot during summer. But most of all, the Observatory experience, while admiring the wild nature and tasting some good Romanian wines and cheese specialties, was our favorite inside the beautiful retreat. Consider also the spa and wellness services, you have here many options of massage treatments.

What to eat

First discovering Valea Verde, we were fascinated about the quantity of black truffles you could find in each course and type of meal, including dessert. So it is indeed a place for the food lovers. The culinary mix is between French, Transylvanian and Mediterranean, using local, good ingredients. There are three, five or seven course menu from which you can choose. You must try the baked goat cheese, the potato skin dumplings or the raspberry sorbet. The wine selection is a good one. They also offer wine pairings, that means one glass of a recommended wine per course.

Where to go

Plenty of thing to do, see, enjoy & discover around this beautiful Transylvanian area, full of wildlife, amazing landscapes, fortified churches and beautiful villages and guesthouses. If you are a wine passionate, visit Villa Vinea winery, 18 km away from Valea Verde. The winery is also close to Jidvei Winery. You can try their wines and have a tour of the beautiful wineries. Another option is visiting The Gothic St. Nicholas Church in Cund, built in the 15th century by the Saxon community. In the last years the church has been restored with the help of donors.There is something to do and to be happy about for every person, when we talk about discovering beautiful Transylvania. No matter what kind of traveler you are, you find at Valea Verde all kinds of simple joys: observing life, enjoying food, getting lost into the forest, simply walking along the old village. There is something for each of us, all in the frame of the love story between passionate, courageous people and old, traditional lands, cultures, worlds and miles apart. See the beauty.Valea Verde Retreat, Str. Principală 119, Cund, Mureș County

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  • everything green
  • the special food
  • the silence here
  • everything about truffles
  • barefoot walking in the grass
  • afternoons in the hammock
  • Cund village has German, Romanian and Hungarian influences, culture and traditions;
  • In the whole area you will find iconic churches and beautiful medieval buildings;
  • They have several plots scattered all over the valley for growing vegetables from organic local and international seeds: tomatoes, eggplants, carrots, peppers, zucchini, pumpkins, cabbages, artichokes, coriander, fennel, kale, Brussels sprouts and many more;
  • Cund village is one of the most important producers of artisanal cheese: Manufactura de Brânză, using excellent local milk and Swiss methods;
  • Valea Verde supports local production and community: the food ingredients are sourced from local farms, local carpenters make the furniture and there are 26 local people as employees, in various departments.


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