Veseud 11

A place is always about people

We believe that a place means so many things; beautifully mixed together, each element with its own value and uniqueness: the location, the landscapes, the history behind, the traditional elements, the food, the environment, the experience. But we strongly think that, especially in our times, a place is and must be about people.

Because people are making the places: first of all, they build or restore them, they keep them warm and safe, they fill them inside with their stories, footprints, and personalities. Places are born and they survive because of people. The beautiful ones.This is the capture of the feeling we had leaving Veseud 11. A place in Veseud village, in Sibiu County, where we thought we would find a normal, beautiful guesthouse, as we had been so used to discover and enjoy after all this time. Well, Veseud 11 was so much more than this. And it was happiness.

We entered a big Saxon door, being welcome by one of the most beautiful green yards we have ever seen. The door was actually the entrance towards a space and world we didn’t imagine or expect. Than we saw the houses, surrounding the yard, just like in the beautiful old Saxon way, one house after the other, ending with the traditional barn.

The first guesthouse we could see on the left, built in 1799, is simply a travel in time, as it offers you the atmosphere, the style and the details of the old life. We stayed here, in Room 17, having a beautiful view towards the yard and the other house. This guesthouse has 3 apartments and 3 rooms ready for all the time travelers.

The other beautiful old guesthouse, placed on the right has its own green yard on the other side, feeling that you enter a real natural oasis. The fresh grass and wonderful flowers all around, wooden benches placed under the sun, different shady corners under the plants and trees where to hide and to take a break from everything unnecessary. Here you have again many room options, while living the most authentic and beautiful experience.

Than the old barn conquered us, as it is so beautifully transformed into a spacious restaurant, full of stories. This is the place where every year the freshly hay was gathered for animal feed. The appearance on the outside remained the same, but in the dining room you will surely feel wonderful, especially because of the warmth offered by the wood fireplace, every night. We really liked the photo wall, an entire part of the restaurant covered by old pictures of the location, with people, families and traditional customs. The entire wall is indeed a story and perhaps the signature of the place.

What to do

Laying on the green grass, staying under the sun during summer & spring, enjoying a glass of wine or a coffee on the wonderful terrace of the restaurant, storytelling next to the fireplace, exploring the big garden full of vegetables, playing with the animals as the location is like a veritable farm house, sheltering also a beaver family.  🙂

Than you can visit other houses and families in the village, where some of the local traditional products are made, such as natural syrups, honey, plats for tea, natural beauty products and many more.

And a bonus: enjoy the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen in a village, on the terrace of Veseud 11.

What to eat

Eating here is a real feast. Simple meals, authentic tastes, fresh ingredients, everything complete and perfect. As the good traditional food is also such a joy and a discovery for us, we were delighted by every ingredient. The menu is fixed but you can also have vegetarian options. We had amazing meat and vegetarian schnitzel, traditional soups, tasty fresh salads and vegetables from the garden and rhubarb pie.

Where to go

Veseud is in the center of a special touristic area: Find Bâlea Lac –Transfăgărășan at 60km from here, Sighișoara citadel at 50km, Brașov city at 100km and Sibiu city at 54km from the village.

Consider also the fortified churches and all the special landscapes around here. With the consent of the owners you can visit the sheepfolds around the village, you might have cart rides in the surroundings or bicycles for of two-wheeled trips.

Veseud 11 was for us, the passionate travelers, the complete experience of what Romania can offer nowadays in terms of traditional premium travel. Our hearts were so fulfilled and loving, seeing all the passion, efforts, the perfection of details, the professionalism and whole experience this place has to offer.

More than this, we simply fell in love with lady Lucreția Grenner, the administrator and manager of the guesthouses, as she is for us the example of host and human being that we would love to find while traveling, all the time. Always being there for the guests, actually being everywhere around the property :), smiling, offering, anticipating what you would like to have or ask, telling stories about the place and the village, being pound of who she is, what she is doing and the reasons why.

We all need this kind of people and places in order to restore our hope. Hope for the fact that there is still commitment, passion and work for the authentic part of a country. When we understand that people are the most important part of a place, we will see, appreciate and discover traveling in a different, deeper way. So, power to the people, we say. And thank you, Veseud 11, for such a close to heart experience! You are complete.Veseud 11, Chirpar, Sibiu County

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  • the sunset on the terrace
  • the photo wall
  • the host
  • the old barn restored as a restaurant
  • the open green yard
  • the hospitality
  • Veseud village is located in the eastern part of Sibiu County, in the Hârtibaciului Plateau;
  • Veseud was first attested in 1379;
  • The Fortified Church from Veseud was a Romanesque basilica, built in the 13th century; A part of it was demolished at the end of the 15th century, in order to build a five-level defence tower above the choir; Only the semicircular arch of the Romanesque basilica has been preserved;
  • Veseud 11 is located next to the Evangelical Church of the village and also next to the local park;
  • The owners of Veseud 11 are Saxon but they are not born here or linked to this village; They just felt in love with this area and decided to build something here.


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