Vila Katharina

A hidden jewel

Imagine a city next to the mountains, which is old and new, somewhere between now and then. The old streets, the buildings telling stories, the air of past & present together. Than imagine a door in the middle of a little street, behind which you enter another era. Imagine a glimpse in time and space, when and where you leave the world you know behind.

An architectural jewel, restored and born again as a boutique hotel

Imagine the elegance of the past and the comfort of the present, both in a place of magic and wonder. This is Vila Katharina, an architectural jewel, from the 19th century, restored with all the details and born again as a boutique hotel.

Perfectly hidden near Schei Gate of Brașov city, it offers a lovely bouquet of romantic feelings, as it is said that Katharina was a beautiful young woman who stole the soul of Vlad Țepeș or Vlad Dracula, the voivode of Wallachia. The 22 years of love between them are still felt somehow on every corner of Poarta Schei.

Old furniture. Luxurious bathrooms. Large windows. Art pieces. Fragments of time

The only 3 rooms are amazing by design and have the perfection of details: old and massive furniture, luxurious and refined bathrooms, wide open windows, art pieces everywhere, fragments of time.

What to do

Reading, enjoying a nice evening in a comfortable chair, playing chess, have simple joys – these are the best things to do inside Vila Katharina. And if you like antiques, there is a lovely shop near the entrance with many kinds of objects and gifts that definitely worths a look.

What to eat

Having breakfast pampered with silver trays and Zsolnay, Herend and Rosenthal porcelain

For sure the place to have breakfast is inside Vila Katharina. Get ready for the most amazing breakfast. The delicious taste, the design of the food, also the perfect service make you feel pampered. Pampered with silver trays and Zsolnay, Herend and Rosenthal porcelain. They offer only breakfast, but if you want to have a nice Italian style lunch, we strongly recommend Trattoria Pocol in Brașov, actually close to Vila Katharina. Also good Italian you can find at Dei Frati & Trattorian, both in the city center of Brașov.

Where to go

Vila Katharina is situated in the heart of Brașov city, 2 minutes walk from the main square, still far away from the noisy part of the city. So you can enjoy a walk in this area, discover the city, shop, visit the museums and the famous Black Church of the city.There is a past and a present here. A feeling of belonging while finding something new to discover every time. A place that speaks for itself, having its secrets and mysterious stories. You should come and meet Katharina, the beauty and the mystery, the legend and the piece of art.



Vila Katharina, Poarta Schei Street 20, Brașov, Brașov County

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  • the wide elegant bathrooms
  • the noise of a distant city, at the window
  • a pause from the present moment, from the unrest of life and from all that is familiar
  • the Russian breakfast
  • being spoiled in the style of Vila Katharina
  • the chess board (look for it)
  • The Black Church of Brașov is the most representative Gothic monument in Romania;
  • Few minutes away from Vila Katharina you can find the Katharina Gate or the South Gate of the city that marks the access to the Medieval Fortress of Brașov; The external tower, built in 1559, is the only remaining original part;
  • Also in Brașov, close to Katharina, Sforii Street attracts many tourists, being among the narrowest streets in Europe, built in the 17th century;
  • In the antique shop of Vila Katharina you can find silver objects, old watches, paintings, precious Persian carpets, fine porcelain, hand-decorated clothing, but also contemporary objects;
  • Katharina is also preparing hand made chocolate: delicate pieces, with milk, caramel and crunchy nuts.


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