Villa Siana

An Austrian villa, inside Bran

Villa Siana, a small oasis in the well-known Bran, takes you for a moment from the daily routine, the hustle and bustle of the mountain resort and from everything you could imagine finding here. Believing that it probably can’t surprise you with anything, Siana is hidden on one of the secluded streets of the town, on the edge of a small hill, with a beautiful view of the mountains. The moment you leave the everyday world and enter in peace, harmony, vivid colors, in a complete experience. The villa reminds you of the cottages from Austria, with the same carved details, a lot of wood, red flowers at the windows, warm lights. Located between Bucegi Mountains and Piatra Craiului, right on the border between Țara Bârsei and Țara Făgărașului, Villa Siana brings the classic and the modern together. A beautiful design, at the same time elegant, reminiscent of the history and influence of the Germanic generations that have seen these lands over time.

Piatra Craiului Mountains and Bran Castle at the window

At Siana you have the splendid image of Piatra Craiului Mountains at the window. You can also see Bran Castle from the terrace. The guest rooms are also built in Austrian style, with painted details, specific colors and wood. In the restaurant of the villa we liked the old collected objects and the windows with small white curtains that again remind us of the warm and rustic atmosphere of the Austrian style. The central element of the place is the fireplace, where to tell stories, enjoy a good wine or simply rest.

Peace, harmony and color in a perfect landscape, at the foot of rocky mountains

Here we enjoy the fresh air, we spend time in the courtyard of the villa that continues in the back with a small hill just good to be explored, we read or listen to music by the fireplace. The food is prepared here, from local and organic ingredients, surprising you with its taste, originality, presentation. The small oasis of Bran is the ideal place for families or groups of friends, offering privacy, space, peace, while being close to Bran and its beautiful touristic attractions: Bran Castle, the beautiful Tea House in the castle`s courtyard, Bran National Museum. Villa Siana is peace, harmony and color in a perfect landscape, at the foot of rocky mountains. A weekend getaway, a pause from the usual life, a breath of fresh air at your window.Villa Siana, Bran, Brașov County

  • the architecture of the villa
  • the geraniums at the windows
  • the collection of old objects
  • the secluded position of the villa
  • the fireplace
  • the landscape and the peace of the place
  • Bran comes from the Turkish language and means gate;
  • The Bran Castle’s construction was complete in 1388; It was built on a steep cliff, with an exceptional view of the nearby hills; Back in time it was holding 3% of the goods transferred in Transylvania and it had also the role of a fortress;
  • According to the legends, Dracula is a Transylvanian Count with a castle located on a valley in Transylvania; It is thought that he might be Vlad Țepes (Vlad the Impaler), sometimes known as Vlad Dracul, who was a Wallachian Prince with a castle, located in the Principality of Wallachia; Because Bran Castle is the only one in Transylvania that fits the description of Dracula’s Castle, it is known throughout the world under this name;
  • Vlat Țepeș was actually involved in several campaigns that aimed to punish the German merchants from Brașov who failed to obey;
  • Bran Castle remains on the first place among the most visited touristic attractions in Brașov County; In 2018 it was visited by one million tourists.


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