Zabola Estate

Place of wander

There is magic everywhere. Next to the old fireplace, in those rooms designed like stories, lying in a chaise-longue near the lake, breathing the wild air, walking in the forest, discovering the beautiful domain, simply watching the nature.

When people ask us why we have visited Zabola Estate so many times, we always tell them that it is about the feeling. This place is constantly bringing back memories from childhood when kids were spending in Zăbala village two months every year, in summer camps. We were among those happy kids with a real and colorful childhood. Back in times, all the parents were looking for a nice place to keep the kids away from dusty Bucharest during summer. This is how we first met Zabola Estate, in Covasna county, as children.

But many years before all these, Zabola Estate was owned by Mikes family, expelled from there in 1949, during the communist period, as this is also a sad story. In 2000 the family descendants came back and let London away for beautiful Zabola. It was the choice that offered Zabola Estate a new life.

zabola deer

A place with the same beauty and magic over the years

After many years Zabola Estate, dating from the 16th century, became a beautiful 34 hectares domain and guesthouse for tourists. So we found ourselves happy to come back here and compare some memories with what we could see now, almost 30 years later. Zabola Estate has the same beauty, even if the buildings and the sorroundings are not used with the same purposes anymore.

What is new regarding the place? Everything, after so many years of all kinds of world changes. It became modern, yet cozy and welcoming, the entire domain having 7 historical buildings to admire and a wonderful natural park. The old stable became an event hall and the main building (built in the 18th century) became The Machine House, the first guesthouse of the domain. Later on, the old big building we remember from childhood, became the yellow beautiful guesthouse, actually looking just like an amazing boutique hotel, with many rooms and a restaurant with a magical centered fireplace inside.

You will find plenty of accomodation options and it is very interesting to try a different room every time you stay here. You can choose between the houses in the park – The Machine House, The Old Saddlehouse, The Garden House and the new building restored recently with many new and more spacious rooms or the magical houses in the forest. You will be in love with the noises that the wooden floors are making, the smell of the burned wood in the fireplaces and the taste of palinca, the Romanian traditional alcoholic drink. 🙂

zabola preview

Beautiful fireplaces. Vintage bathtubs. Old pictures all over the place

We have, of course, our favourite rooms: The Red Room, The Blue Room and The Brick, in the old part – The Machine House – and also the big, modern rooms in the new part of Zabola Estate, where you can also find apartments available. Here you will feel for sure the owner of the entire domain. 🙂  We are delighted every time by the beautiful and original fireplaces, the amazing vintage bathtubs placed in the middle of the rooms, in contrast, the modern showers, the old pictures of Zabola Estate all over the place.

What to do

There are some nice things you can do around Zabola Estate and on their domain. For example, a sauna in the afternoon, placed in the forest, a walk in the forest where you can see the deers, owls or even observe bears. You can also have a boat ride on the lake of the property.

What to eat

Fresh bread and milk for breakfast

The best place to eat in the area is inside the estate. The food is very good, prepared by a local chef, with many local ingredients. Breakfast is our favourite, as you can get a traditional Romanian one, with fresh bread and milk. Back again in time… Also try the mushroom soup and after this the oven beet.

Where to go

Around Zabola Estate you can have a beautiful walk in the forest, next to the domain, visit the local church, visit Saint Ana Lake, the only volcanic lake in Romania (50 km away), or Băile Tușnad, an important spa town (45 minutes away).

zabola accomodation
zabola accomodation
zabola living
zabola food

In other simple words, after you cross the big iron gate and enter the Zabola Estate property, you find yourself in a different world, a natural paradise, a story. Each of you can see and discover the story in a different way, as this place offers something beautiful for every taste, from magic and history, to nature, simple pleasures, modern designs and memories coming back to life. We find it amazing, special, cozy every single time.

What SHE Likes

  • the beauty of every season spent here
  • the wide rooms
  • drinking a glass of wine next to the fireplace

What HE Likes

  • meeting the deers at 6 AM
  • the birch sauna at the top of the hill
  • visiting the bears


  • The building behind the guesthouses, actually the Zabola Castle, is the current residence of the descendants of Mikes family;
  • The descendants of Mikes family can sometimes be seen discreetly, around the field, smiling at tourists or observing the activities carried out there;
  • In the past a church was also built here, but it had been demolished in the 19th century;
  • Zăbala (in Hungarian Zabola) is the village residence of the area, in Covasna county;
  • Zabola Estate today hosts and organizes numerous private events for those who want such setup on their special days.


Zabola Estate, Zăbala, Covasna county

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