Viscri Fortified Church

Built in 1225 on top of the hills of Viscri village, it is today one of the seven Transylvanian Fortified Churches that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

200 years later, the church was strengthened with defensive walls, bastions and towers, around the times when the Ottomans were trying to conquer territories in this part of Europe. The Fortified Church was built in Gothic style and is very famous also for the 300 years old organ sheltered inside.

Take a tour outside the beautiful church but also step in to check the museum from inside the walls. The main tower is also the key spot to get a beautiful overview of Viscri village. Don’t forget after your tour ends to stop at the local shops and buy some traditional products. In Viscri you will find beautiful wool socks and tasty jams.

We all have to thank HRH Prince of Wales for promoting with such passion this beautiful part of Romania. His gratitude for the simple authentic life is giving us the hope that many people will discover these “back to basics” places.

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