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Everything beautiful about Romania, its old part, traditional colors, ancient smells and flavors, its beauty, uniqueness and breathtaking images.

Amfiteatrul Transilvania, an ecological complex, placed on 100 hectares, a place like a distant heaven, tells stories from the moment you travel the hills in order to find it. It is there, far away from the cities and the modern noise, not in kilometers, but in feelings.

Amfiteatrul Transilvania

The things we used to love

You find yourself separated from the world as you know it today, arriving in a place you used to love; maybe the garden of your childhood, your grandmother’s house, maybe the never ending hills of summer where you were running all day long – a time travel back to all those things we used to love.

What to do

The place has 200 years old houses, which have been restored. The paint used is made of plants and fruits and all the furniture is made of natural materials. So it is clear that here the connection with nature is special and strong.

Horse and goat farms. Strawberry garden. Natural products. Aromatherapy rooms

We try to find our way between the animal farm and the strawberry garden. Than we discover the simple joy of eating natural, local and fresh, as all the vegetables served are produced on the domain. In need of mindfulness we enter in the aromatherapy room, relaxing, remembering the smell of plants and flowers as we know it so well from our childhood. Distant memories but coming clear and vivid back to us.

Our favorite parts are definitely the swing outside, placed between two trees, the magic of the centered fireplace inside the restaurant and the colored chairs, made of old traditional Moldavian cloth, as the place is a beautiful mixture between Romania and Moldavia – what to ask more, in terms of tradition, old values and beauty.

What to eat

The food is also a great mix between the Romanian and Moldavian cuisine, with fresh ingredients, all prepared inside the Amphitheater. You can try the cheese, potatoe, apple or pumpkin traditional pies, the delicious meat or vegetarian sarmale, or the sour traditional soups.

Where to go

See the breathtaking view of Moeciu de Sus

See the amazing view of Moeciu de Sus, as near the Amphitheater there is a beautiful place, called ”The rock”, where we find the city every time, beautifully from above. We recommend it as breathtaking. You can also visit the city, 10 km away, the famous Bran Castle in Bran and The Tea House, Râșnov citadel or Brașov city, 60 minutes by car.

But the amazing landscapes here, the old houses, the summer air and the autumn colors, that peace and sense of tranquility and stillness are always telling us to stay. There is peace, there is wild, both in the same time.

Amfiteatrul Transilvania view
Amfiteatrul Transilvania autumn view
Amfiteatrul Transilvania stones
Amfiteatrul Transilvania view

What SHE Likes

  • the special fireplace in the middle of the restaurant
  • the swing outside & the most beautiful view
  • the owners and their passion & commitment

What HE Likes

  • the Moldavian food
  • watching the wild animals
  • the rock view


  • The family that owns the Amphitheater is Moldavian; They simply fell in love with these lands and decided to move here and create a special natural retreat;
  • The design of the guesthouses & restaurant is made by the owner himself, passionate about architecture, design, nature and old lands;
  • Each season has its own beauty here; So no matter if you choose summer, autumn, spring or winter, the landscapes are just amazing;
  • At Amfiteatrul Transilvania every natural ingredient is appreciated and used with a special purpose: plants & fruits for coloring, the hay for aromatherapy and the food is prepared only with natural and local ingredients;
  • Moeciu is located in Rucăr-Bran area, in the north-west part of Bucegi Mountains and the eastern part of Piatra Craiului Mountains, representing one of the oldest access routes between the two Romanian provinces: Ardeal and Țara Românească.


Amfiteatrul Transilvania, Cheia 62C, Moieciu Bran, Brașov county

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