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Love for traditions

There is a beautiful story behind every place that is built. There is always somebody with a clear vision about the final result. Here the story is about a family that decided to preserve the traditions and more than this, to pass them to the next generations.

Every detail is clearly showing the love for the folklore and traditional elements. You will find at Conacu’ Boierului that mix of traditional details, either shaped in the walls or in the wooden bars, furniture and old objects collected from all parts of beautiful Romania.

Conacu Boierului

Conacu’ Boierului is located in Ponoarele, Mehedinți County, somewhere in the middle of nature and at the end of the village. Most of the time you will find here tourists but also local people enjoying the beautiful terrace. They all come here for the basic things we all love: the place, the food and the fresh air.

Not so easy to reach as it isn’t close to any big city, but we would make this trip anytime for the benefit of spending couple of days in this scenery. It is also that type of place good for corporate, business meetings or even small team buildings.

Conacu Boierului

What to do

Spending some quiet hours here is maybe what we would choose as the mix of silence and fresh air is indeed something we are always looking for. But there are plenty of things to do around, as the area is rich in nature and located in the middle of some important natural attractions (caves, orchids, natural monuments).

Conacu’ Boierului is the perfect place to stop and wander around. We would recommend even more: early breakfast, couple of hours visiting places, lunch on the terrace, two hours afternoon sleep, again walking around if you still have energy and then finish the evening with a beautiful dinner accompanied by good Romanian wines.

What to eat

We were always impressed about the taste of the food. The menu has plenty of interesting options, starting with traditional soups, continuing with the pork ribs and finishing with papanasi. Try every time a different dish and you will get a glimpse of the whole menu.

Where to go

The closest destination is just 100m away and is called Podul lui Dumnezeu (God’s Bridge). The legend says that here God had a fight with the devil. We also know that is one of the three natural bridges in the world and second in size from Europe. Only small cars are now allowed to cross it in order to be preserved.

Very close you will find Peștera Ponoarele (Ponoarele Cave), a 750m long cave, connecting two lakes in the area.

Lacul Zaton (lake Zaton) is a very good option for a nice 15-20 minutes walk as the landscape is amazing. Depending on the season and the rain level, you may find it completely drained or full of water. Another beautiful trip might be at the Lilac Forest, located at approximate 3 km away, a unique wild forest in a protected area.

So if you want to take few days off, in a beautiful natural and green area, full of good energy, beautiful people around and that sense of order and simplicity, Conacu’ Boierului is the place to go. As everything is an inspiration here, just like all the simple and beautiful things are. For sure you will find your own words to describe every image, feeling and wonder you discover here.

Conacu Boierului
Conacu Boierului
Conacu Boierului
Conacu Boierului

What SHE Likes

  • the view from the balcony of Ponoarele Room
  • the traditional design
  • the outside painting of the building

What HE Likes

  • relaxing on the terrace
  • the traditional food
  • the involvement in this local business


  • In the area there are many beautiful Romanian traditions, still kept and alive, for example The Lilac Celebration, dedicated to spring, organised on the first Sunday in May; It is celebrated in the Lilac Forest, located at Prislop Valley, a unique reservation in the country with an area of about 20 hectares;
  • Ponoarele Cave is a complex cave with two openings; The stalactites, but especially the stalagmites present have strange shapes, similar to statues, representing either people, animals or flowers, whose colors alternate between white – reddish – yellow; Numerous bats of the species Myotis, Miniopterus and Rinolophus are housed in the cave;
  • Known in literature as Lapiezul from Ponoarele, is the most impressive karst phenomenon of this kind in Romania; Lapiez represents a special karst form that the water has embedded; They have the shape of channels, being real wrinkles on the calcareous surfaces;
  • Ponoare, Ponoare Festival takes place every year on the first weekend of August, in a beautiful natural amphitheater in the immediate vicinity of the God’s Bridge and only 200m from Conacu’ Boierului; It is an opportunity for the inhabitants of the 16 villages of the commune, to meet again and spend time together, listening to good music or eating outdoors; Every year thousands of people come to this festival;
  • Ponoarele MTB Race is a mountain biking competition that is addressed to all the sports lovers and outdoor nature; The organizer is the Association for Tourism Mehedințiul de sub munte, a non-governmental organization that aims to develop tourism in the northern part of Mehedinți County; The start is given from the immediate vicinity of the Mansion.


Conacu’ Boierului, Ponoarele Village 9, Mehedinți County

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