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The blue oasis

We have always found The Danube Delta as fascinating. In addition to the beauty, diversity, color, landscape and experience, the simple thought that we have a corner of nature unique in the world. What do we do next? It would be wonderful to preserve, to repair, to grow. Experiences in The Danube Delta are becoming more and more popular, as the number of guesthouses and travel offers have increased. In a wide variety of options, however, we always appreciate and choose the authentic, the traditional materials and details, the restored places, the good hosts, the fresh food, the simple instead of the crowd, the blue color. This time we are in Crișan, located in the middle of The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, on the bank of the Sulina arm. Here we discovered Delta Boutique and Carmen Silva belonging to the same complex, two small blue oases, which respect the architecture of the place, with a beautiful pontoon in front of the guesthouses and many traditional fish dishes, enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the Danube.



Exploring the canals in a boat from which to observe the wilderness

The room we chose fits beautifully into the landscape of the Delta: details and images close to the place, simple design, small, intimate space and comfortable, inside the nature. The most interesting part, however, is the blue swimming pool built upstairs, outdoors, with a lot of wood, details in specific colors, an oasis of relaxation and rest under the sun of the Delta. We admire from here or from the small pontoon in front of the house the whole construction, which respected the traditional elements and materials, such as the reed, beautifully framed in the modern design of the place.

The most loved part for us in the journey through the fascinating Delta is the exploration of the canals in a boat from which we can see the wilderness, sunken willows, water lilies, pelicans and hundreds of other bird species that nest here. Go north, on the Old Danube, on Bogdaproste & La Amiază lakes, to Mila 23 village or to the south, to Caraorman Forest, on Iacob lake, Litcov canal and on Cuibida lake. Also, in the area you should not miss the trip to Letea Forest, the first Romanian natural objective listed on UNESCO: a secular oak forest, a subtropical forest, salty lakes, sand dunes and wild horses.


At the same time, in about 30 minutes, you reach Sulina. Being one of the oldest settlements in Romania, the city was a fishing village that still attracts tourists. To visit here The Maritime Cemetery, the Lighthouse of Sulina, The Palace of the European Commission of the Danube, the Greek Church. The Palace of the European Danube Commission, an important historical monument, was the headquarters of the European Danube Commission until 1921, then entering the administration of The Romanian State. The construction of the palace was started by The European Danube Commission in 1860 and was completed in 1868, in order to accommodate the members of the Commission as well as the activity of its General Secretariat. There is also a beach in Sulina, but mostly undeveloped, wild, with fine sand.


You are in The Danube Delta, so lovers of fish specialties will be the most spoiled. Starting with breakfast rich in all kinds of fresh snacks and caviar and continuing with lunch and dinner, when you will enjoy fresh fish, prepared in broth, baked or grilled, each meal will be a simple delight, specific to the area, accompanied by a white light wine.

Delta Boutique & Carmen Silva Resort offers an authentic experience in discovering the Delta. We appreciate the respect of the local specificity, the good taste, the simplicity of the place and at the same time the complexity of the feelings in a corner of the world where you don’t really need too much: the wonderful blue, reed at the windows, the sun of the Delta and the most beautiful landscape of the country.


What SHE Likes

  • the blue of the property
  • the pool
  • the order and details of the place

What HE Likes

  • the boat trips on the nearby lakes
  • staying by the pool
  • reading on the pontoon


  • With over 3540 km of rivers, canals, swamps, lakes surrounded by trees and reed islands, The Danube Delta hosts the largest number of bird colonies on the continent;
  • The Danube Delta is the second largest river delta in Europe, after The Volga Delta;
  • It was formed five thousand years ago, in a Gulf of the Black Sea; Today the Delta is home to many endangered and protected plants and animals and 25 different types of ecosystems;
  • The Romanian Delta is the best preserved in Europe;
  • At the entrance to The Black Sea, the Danube is divided into a network of canals that connect Chilia, Sulina and Sfântul Gheorghe, each with its own personality, landscapes and attractions.


Delta Boutique & Carmen Silva Resort, 458 Main Street, Crișan, Tulcea County

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