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Bucovina is actually home

Vatra Boierească, a place related to traditions, roots and ancestors. Here we rediscovered our grandmother’s house, in our stove also used as bed, enjoying the early morning on the porch, tasting the best dishes that Bucovina has to offer. In every old house, today place for the guests, the journey is actually made in time.

We spent in the small oasis of beloved Bucovina, moments for the soul. The space of the property is generous and we notice from the beginning the free nature, the green of spring, a pond and last but not least, the beautiful old relocated houses. We find out that they have been recovered and rebuilt with a new purpose: to bring travelers closer to the life of their ancestors, to the values, details and authentic feelings that are felt in the same way everywhere, regardless of the part of the country.

Vatra Boiereasca Cacica Suceava

Three beautiful houses are waiting for your visit

Three beautiful houses are waiting the visit of all those who want story and stillness. From the porch you can see so beautifully the vast courtyard, the raw green, the men who are still working on every detail of the place, as we found the place at the beginning of its road. Inside the houses tell other stories: we notice the stove used as a bed, just like in the past, in our grandma’s house, an old traditional blouse, carpets and authentic colors and in the small living room a painted fireplace, burning all day, bathing the room in the most beautiful warm light.

In addition to the three authentic houses, at Vatra Boierească there is also the option of accommodation in the modern part of the place, in a building that would easily look like a mansion brought to our times, to a larger size and with everything necessary. However, we highly recommend the experience of traveling and resting in a house like it used to be. It gave us again that awareness of time and space, gratitude, peace, reconnection.

Food at Vatra is everything you could want from a gastronomic point of view in Bucovina, traveling through all their culinary habits and preferences. The homemade bread and Poale-n brâu pies completed our experience. Initially surprised by the huge portions, we realized that they have indeed a food culture, both in quality and quantity, very well developed and respected. We smile, understand and follow the joy in the eyes of the hosts and the chef when hearing our words of appreciation.

Vatra Boiereasca semineu interior

Vatra Boiereasca, a family story

Vatra Boierească is, as in many other cases, a family story. The guests initially bought the property for them, meanwhile turning the place into a beautiful and complete holiday experience. They also built a harmonious relaxation area, a lounge, green spaces where children can run freely and many other facilities to be. The hosts are also thinking of making a circuit between the villages and hills of the area, in the form of small walking trips, where tourists to observe and understand local experiences, participate in cultural events, travel the beautiful landscapes, get to know the elders of the village, find out more about the spirit of the place.

Vatra was, somehow, our return for a moment: in the dear house of our grandparents or great-grandparents, at their table full of all the wonders, on the wooden porch of the old beloved memories.

Vatra boiereasca soba cu plita
Vatra Boiereasca cozonac
Vatra Boiereasca curte
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What SHE Likes

  • mornings on the porch
  • the delicious food
  • the passion of the guests

What HE Likes

  • the rebuilt houses
  • the oasis created in the nature
  • the hospitality


  • Cacica is located 17 km away from Gura Humorului, 34 km from Rădăuţi and 28 km from Suceava, in a small valley formed between Obcina Mare Massif and the Moldavian Plateau;
  • Archaeological discoveries made in 1989 attested that here was one of the oldest recrystallized salt mines in Europe, dating from the early Neolithic;
  • In time Cacica developed by exploiting the rock salt and by obtaining the raw salt; There are many salt springs in the area;
  • An important Polish community from Romania lives in the locality;
  • To see: Salina Cacica, Roman-Catholic and Greek-Catholic Churches, Sfântul Ioan cel Nou Orthodox Church.


Vatra Boierească, Cacica, Suceava County

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